About CallVoter

CallVoter is a Chinese-language online magazine published on the popular WeChat platform, as well as several leading social networks. We write about America’s culture, politics, education and tourism, but have been known to veer into many other topics, even controversial ones.

Most of our authors reside in the United States. Their first-hand experience and knowledge have gained us a loyal audience across the Pacific Ocean. With each platform’s powerful technology, our articles are delivered directly to users’ smartphones and tablets. We also have the capability to engage viewers directly and in a timely fashion.

CallVoter is also the official repository of PacifiLink (飞洋在线). More than 600 original articles from PacifiLink are now exclusively located here.

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  1. Awesome! Have been following your Twitter for a while and I applaud what you’re doing in the Chinese communities. MAGA!

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