Harvard President Coronavirus


美国时间周二下午,哈佛校长Lawrence S. Bacow向全校人员发了一封电子邮件,通知大家自己和夫人都感染了新冠病毒,刚刚确诊。





今天早些时候,我和阿黛尔得知我们的COVID-19测试呈阳性。我们从周日开始出现症状 – 先是咳嗽,然后是发烧,发冷和肌肉疼痛。周一我们联系了医生,随后做了测试,几分钟前才收到结果。我们希望尽快告诉大家。



这个病毒可以击倒任何人。我们都需要保持警惕,并遵循指导方针,限制与他人的接触。在过去的几周里,你们的迅速行动 – 响应社区需求,履行教学使命,推动可以挽救生命的科学研究 – 这些都让我深受感动,令我格外地感激和自豪。如果你们当中也有人不幸被感染,我希望越少越好。我敦促大家继续遵循公共卫生专家的指导以及政府官员的建议和指令。

世界需要你们的勇气,创造力和智慧来战胜这种病毒 – 祝大家身体健康。


Testing Positive for COVID-19

March 24, 2020

Dear Members of the Harvard Community,

Earlier today, Adele and I learned that we tested positive for COVID-19. We started experiencing symptoms on Sunday—first coughs then fevers, chills, and muscle aches—and contacted our doctors on Monday. We were tested yesterday and just received the results a few minutes ago. We wanted to share this news with all of you as soon as possible. 

Neither of us knows how we contracted the virus, but the good news—if there is any to be had—is that far fewer people crossed our paths recently than is usually the case. We began working from home and completely limiting our contact with others on March 14 in keeping with recommendations to adopt social distancing measures. In line with standard protocols, the Department of Public Health will be in touch with anyone with whom we have had close contact over the past fourteen days.

We will be taking the time we need to rest and recuperate during a two-week isolation at home. I am blessed with a great team, and many of my colleagues will be taking on more responsibility over the next few weeks as Adele and I focus on just getting healthy. Thanks, in advance, for your good wishes. Thanks also for your understanding if I am not as responsive to email as I normally am.

This virus can lay anyone low. We all need to be vigilant and keep following guidelines to limit our contact with others. Your swift actions over the past few weeks—to respond to the needs of our community, to fulfill our teaching mission, and to pursue research that will save lives—have moved me deeply and made me extraordinarily grateful and proud. I hope to see as few of you in our situation as possible, and I urge you to continue following the guidance of public health experts and the advice and orders of our government officials.

The world needs your courage, creativity, and intelligence to beat this virus—wishing each of you good health.

All the best,